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Strawberry Guava Wood Chips for Smokers and Barbecues

A unique product
Produced 100% in Hawaii

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Each bag of wood chips you buy results in koa trees being planted and maintained.

One of the best tasting barbecue smoke woods in the world!

Strawberry Guava makes the perfect smoking wood. It has been compared to having the sweetness of cherry, the earthiness of oak and the heartiness of hickory, without being overpowering.
What we hear most is that it is like an ideal blend of all your favorite woods – but better!

Strawberry Guava Wood Chips - 400 CU

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Native Reforestation

30% of the revenue from our sales goes directly into native reforestation.

Removing strawberry guava for wood chips, soon to be replaced with koa

Strawberry guava, or waiawi, is an aggressive and fast-growing invasive tree that has severely damaged much of the native forest land in Hawaii. The famous endemic koa tree grows well on our land, but where koa and invasive strawberry guava meet, the guava always wins. On our part of the Big Island, only the koa trees that are actively protected by human intervention are safe.

The good news is that the strawberry guava tree makes some of the best smoking wood in the world, and we have a nearly limitless supply. As we use the guava for a sustainable product, we plant koa and propagate the native plants of the understory.

Occasionally we come across dead koa trees which we salvage, mill and sell. The revenue from these sales also goes toward native reforestation. For every dead koa tree that we harvest, we propagate and grow about 50-100 koa seedlings.

We are not fighting against nature - we will never eradicate every invasive tree and plant. However, we are trying to restore the balance that has been upset in our most vulnerable forests, while simultaneously, turning a nuisance of a tree into an amazing product!