Island Flavor Family Takeover!

The Island Flavor Family is taking over the reigns from Bokoa Farms! 

We are a food and agriculture family who have been involved in the exploration of heritage through food industry, food systems and seeds.

We are cutting down and clearing the invasive strawberry guava trees (waiwi) and nurturing the regeneration and growth of the koa forest! It’s amazing to see how these natural seed banks sprout beautiful little trees all over the mountain side when the land is cleared and the soil is disturbed. With the guidance of local experts and the state of Hawaii we are creating a long term plan to regenerate and protect native habitats.

The Bokoa Farms flagship strawberry guava wood chips are now available again for sale! We donate 100% of on island sales profits to reforestation programs and cultural preservation and 30% of off island profits. Currently we are donating to Pa’i foundation and Saving Hawai’i’s Forests. We are always learning and growing and encourage interaction! Please engage in the conversation and share any ideas and incites!

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